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National Mole Of The Year Award (MOTY)

This award is presented every two years during the ChemEd conference. The award goes to that member of the National Mole Day Foundation who has contributed the most to furthering the cause of Mole Day and chemistry education. There is not a formal application form which must be followed but merely items which should be included. Nominees will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and the winner will be notified before the ChemEd presentation.

The following items should be included in your application packet:

  • Please send your vitae (education, degrees, teaching experience, professional affiliations, etc.), including your current mailing and contact addresses.

  • If we may contact your principal or department chair, please send proper information.

  • (Optional) Send letters of support from colleagues, students, etc.

  • What do you find most rewarding about teaching?

  • Describe your Mole Day celebrations, including activities that involve your classes, other classes, teachers, clubs, departments, etc., and activities that involve the community

  • It is proper to nominate yourself. Don't be afraid to toot your own horn!

The award consists of:

  • A very attractive plaque

  • A year's free membership in the NMDF

  • A free Mole Day breakfast at ChemEd'23

  • $250 cash award

Applications must be submitted by May 1, 2023

Send completed applications with documentation to: Katie Wibly, President - NMDF -

Past MOTY Winners

1993 - Arthur Logan

1995 - Joan Laredo-Liddel

1997 - Scotty Ellerbe

1999 - Rose Blanchard

2001 - Sally Michell

2003 - Thomas Tweedle

2005 - Jane Spenser

2007 - Rosendo Garcia

2009 - Sarah Toman

2011 - Maurice Oehler

2013 - Vicki Volpe

2015 - Stephen Radice

2017 - Mike Offutt

2023 - Tina Lulla


2023 MOTY Tina Lulla with her own chemistry teacher, 2017 MOTY Mike Offutt, at ChemEd 2019

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