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NMDF Board Member Positions

Are you a current NMDF member and want to volunteer your time to contribute to the NMDF goal?  Terms are three years.  Submit an application to become a board member! Elections are held in December of each year.

Apply to be on the NMDF Board

Thanks for submitting!

Current Board Members

Rebecca Logan - Executive Director and Treasurer

Katie Wibby - President

Jill Serling - Vice President

Mary Kate Trasuch - Secretary

Arthur Logan - Past President

Jane Spencer

Nancy Smith

Kristin Gregory

Doug Ragan

Founding Board Members

Maurice Oehler (1991)

Ray Bruzan (1991)

Loretta Oehler (1991)

Janet Finn (1991)

Tim Olson (1991)

Thomas Oehler (1991)

Arthur Logan (1994)

James Waner (1994)

Jack Lindell (1994)

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