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Are you looking for a new Mole Day activity, but haven't heard of Molympics? Chemistry teachers are encouraged to sign up their classes to compete in the Molympics 2023.  Molympics is a free event designed by several devoted Chemistry teachers (two of whom are NMDF board members) who developed laboratory activities involving skills such as estimation, measurement, dimensional analysis and problem solving. Students love it! 


To join in the fun, complete this registration form, which will also provide you information on everything a teacher needs to run the events including event explanations, student sheets, and FAQs.  The activities are free to use as you see fit. Registering will allow you to receive official updates. Happy Mole Day!  

Doug presented a webinar on Molympics through AACT in 2022.  AACT members can watch the  AACT recording.

Last Updated: August 2023
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