Why Should I Become a Member?

Members receive:

  • an official National Mole Day membership card

  • that year's Mole Day theme swag

  • codes to download the year's mole day song (produced by America's chem-singer, Mike Offutt) and image (starting in Fall 2021)

Is that not enough to entice you?  Becoming a member ALSO helps us be able to support new chemistry teachers by funding their attendance to professional development as well as offering mini-grants to veteran chemistry teachers.

Membership mole dues are US $20 for first-time (new) enrollees; renewal mole dues are US $15. There is no better way to stimole-ate awareness and enthusiasm for chemole-stry.

Note: Mole Day celebration ideas, tips, etc will no longer require a membership login with this recently updated site --- look for additional changes/updates in summer 2021!

Last Updated: April 2021