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Maury Award

The National Mole Day Foundation, NMDF was created with the intention to get everyone, especially students, enthused about chemistry. The NMDF supports many different avenues for instructors to generate enthusiasm among themselves and their students. The biennial ChemEd conference is an outstanding resource for teachers.

Maury Oehler was one of the founders of the National Mole Day Foundation and ran the organization for many years. He was an enthusiastic supporter of all things related to moles and teaching chemistry.

Purpose: To offer financial support for chemistry teachers to celebrate Mole Day in their classroom


Award Amount: Not to exceed $500 U.S. funds


DeadlinePostmark by March 1, 2023


Eligibility: Any Chemistry Instructor that is a member of the NMDF.

Grant Guidelines:

  • The applicant must be a current Chemistry teacher.

  • All grant application materials must be completely filled out and submitted by the deadline.

  • The funds will not exceed $500. This money can be used to cover materials used to celebrate Mole Day at their school

  • Any costs in excess of the awarded $500 are the responsibility of the award winner.

  • The winner must also complete and submit a Final Summary after Mole Day 2023 to the NMDF along with itemized receipts.


Submit by printing or electronically filling out the application and submit by mail:

Past Award Winners

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